experienced technology leader

Halcyon Engineering


David provides technology leadership and development resources with an emphasis and expertise in Ruby on Rails. Projects in the past year have included:

  • Rails development
  • Interim CTO roles for startups or early stage companies.
  • Tech lead for design firms working on a technology heavy engagement.

Two Top Labs


David is a co-founder and the technical half of Two Top labs. Two Top is a consultancy providing support largely to early stage startups and we make products for the Web and smart phones. Our consulting clients are entrepreneurs or smaller companies working toward high-stakes deadlines. They hire us to help them focus, prioritize, and execute on their product plans and we deliver everything from strategy to working code.

Emmet Labs

Founder & CTO

After leaving Adaptive Path, David became the cofounder and CTO of Emmet Labs, a startup applying the insight and surprise of social networks to historical figures. Leading the development team and helping guide product strategy, David shaped the growth of the company and ensured that the product's development and goals remained in alignment.

Adaptive Path

Director of Technology

After Measure Map, David stayed on at Adaptive Path. His fluency in a wide range of technologies and development processes, helped bring a developer's insight to project teams. During his tenure at AP, he was a frequent public speaker, carrying the voice of design to the developer community. He also co-wrote Subject to Change with several of his co-workers.


Director of Technology

David was Tech Lead and headed the development efforts for Measure Map. His expertise helped Measure Map realize the vision and design excellence that Adaptive Path had in mind for the product. Bringing David on board allowed Measure Map to reach fruition and achieve its eventual sale to Google in 2005.